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When seeking jobs, having the support of a headhunter or recruiting firm can be an asset. Although most jobs nowadays are sourced through networking, recruiters are the second most important source for companies to find valuable employees.

What can a recruiter do for you and for your job search? When we think of the effects of networking, and how they affect job search, a recruiter presents similarities with a different edge. Establishing relationships with people and connecting one-on-one has been demonstrated as an important step to find opportunities. In that same manner, a headhunter will focus on learning all regarding your profile, and when identifying a fit with the position, will become a promoter of your candidacy within a firm. There is a lot to say about someone marketing your services. It is a great advantage to have someone on your side, talking well about your skills, career progress and how you can become an asset for a firm.

Well-established recruiters manage relationships on a daily basis. When becoming respected professionals, their endorsement is a great tool to count with. Thus, it is important for candidates to understand that the image projected to a recruiter is as important as the one projected for an employer.

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