7 IT salary and hiring trends for 2019

The IT industry continues to face a talent shortage, but businesses are getting creative to fill the necessary skills gaps for successful digital transformation.

When it comes to IT, change is a constant. Thanks to a wide range of maturing technologies and the threat of digital disruption, the pace of change in IT has accelerated — even in just the past year. But one facet of IT remains the same: that IT organizations continue to struggle to find enough talent to meet demand.

That talent gap puts pressure on IT hiring practices and on organizations’ ability to offer competitive salaries in a tight talent market. But emerging trends from the Robert Half 2019 Salary Guide suggest that organizations are adapting and finding ways to fill skills gaps, even if they can’t lure the top tech talent available.

Robert Half surveyed 2,600 IT hiring decision makers in North America to find trends in IT hiring and to uncover what businesses value when finding new candidates to hire. Whether you’re looking for new talent or embarking on new IT initiatives, here are seven trends impacting IT salaries and hiring this year.

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IT Management: How Your Salary Stacks Up Against Other IT Pros’

How does your current salary compare with national averages for technology occupations? It’s no secret that where you live in the country may have a big impact on what you make, but so can benefits and the cost of living in a given region. Salaries tend to be higher in the Northeast and West Coast cities, while cost of living tends to be lower in the South and Midwest. The following gallery is a clean look at 13 of the most common technology job titles and the national averages of those job titles based on years of experience from one year to 10 years and beyond. Job titles include Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Hardware Engineer, IT Analyst, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Product Manager, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer and Technical Support Engineer. The data was provided by Glassdoor.com  based on a wealth of information shared anonymously by employees of major U.S. companies through Sept. 16. Glassdoor is unique in that its information on salary, benefits and views of company executives come directly from employee resources without the filter of gatekeepers.

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