Contract ITSM Specialist Opportunity in Richardson, TX

We pay for referrals, so if this opportunity is not a good match for your skills or you are not available but know someone who is, please forward this link to them.

90 day contract

ITSM Specialist – Our client is looking for someone to come in and over 60-90 days help us create an ITSM policy and incidence response playbook from scratch. They will need experience with direct involvement in the planning and creation of these documents. We are looking for someone to create the policies for us.

Candidates must answer the following questions:

  • Examples of where they created a successful creation of a ITSM incident plan
  • Can you provide samples of your work

Start Date?

ASAP after finishing the interviewing


Top 3 things you’re looking for?

  1. Successful creation of a plan
  2. Familiar with ITSM for both security and non-security outages and incidents
  3. Culture fit to be able to work closely with us.


Reason for opening?

Our CIO was not happy with our incident plan. It didn’t follow ITSM standards because we have no experience with it. We need a proper plan in place and he wants us to get outside help to create the plan for us and not just a template for us to half to fill out later.

If you have this experience, feel you are a fit for this position, and are interested, please email the answers the questions below:

1) Could you please email an updated Word copy of your resume?

2) What is your availability to start?

3) Are you open to a contract position?

4) What is your current salary or pay rate?

5) Are you currently eligible to work for any employer in the US?

6) When is the best time to contact you and what # can you be reached at for this opportunity?




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