Stop Wasting Your Time Going On Interviews With Companies You Wouldn’t Work For In A Million Years

How To Find the best position for you in the shortest amount of time

If you’re looking for a permanent or contract position or your ready to upgrade you want be sure that the Dallas IT Recruiting or Dallas IT Consulting firms you talk to are going to be worth your time, effort and energy.

Many of the big name Dallas IT Recruiting and Consulting firms will simply key in your resume, highlight a bunch of “keywords” and have their software spit out a “match”. For them, it’s a numbers game. They’ll send you across town on an interview that may, or may not, be a good fit. But they can tell their client, that they sent over 12 people.

We Don’t Work That Way

We’re Dallas IT Professionals. We’ve been on countless interviews as well as managed IT projects. We Know IT and we know how the game is played.

We’ve developed an IT Employer screening process that gives you a complete picture of the organization before you even meet with them. You’ll know exactly the skill set their looking for as well as a picture of the work culture and any insider knowledge we have about the organization.