Fed up with IT Consultants/Candidates with Inflated Resumes and Deflated Skill Sets?

Stop wasting valuable time interviewing candidates that have no business applying

Does this sound too familiar?

You need to find two key IT contractors for a new project. You’re day is spent going from one meeting to another but somehow you find time over your “lunch hour” to meet with HR or some recruiting company, fill out a form answer a few questions and then hope and pray you’ll find someone.

A few days later you’re given a list of candidates. You re-work your schedule, again, and begin interviewing, only to find that out of the 10 people you talked to, 3 were any good and of those only one was close to what you actually need.

A Nasty Little Secret Many Dallas IT Staffing Firms Don’t Want You To Know

The fact is that most IT recruiting firms take your information, plug in a few key words, and their software spits out a list of “qualified” IT candidates. To them, it’s a number’s game. They have quotas to make. It really doesn’t matter if they send you 7 candidates that have no business interviewing; the numbers game says there’s probably 1 who is. How do I know this? I used to work for one of those organizations.

That’s fine for them, but for you that means countless wasted hours.

Cut Your IT Recruiting Time By 47%. Here’s how…

ProVisionTech’s Pre-screening process eliminates the time wasting candidates. Since we’re IT professionals, “ No Candidate Can Bluff Us.”

We know what you’re looking for, what technical skill sets are needed and how important other factors are to the decision process.

We actually “pre-interview” IT candidates, based on your criteria, before we send them to you. This eliminates almost half the candidates other Dallas IT consulting or recruiting firms would send you based on keyword matches. The result is that you’ll see better qualified candidates in a lot less time.

“Mike is great to work for and is always looking to serve his clients the best way he can. He always came to work early, stayed many nights late to do whatever it took to get the job done!”

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