Information Technology – 10 Myths about Data Warehousing

Debunking some common myths about data warehousing to bring the focus back to business

There are several reasons why data warehousing projects are expensive and fail to produce sufficient value for the business. I consider following 10 myths to be the main cause of the problem:

Myth #1 – A data Warehouse can create competitive advantage

Myth #2 – A data Warehouse is required for business intelligence

Myth #3 – Data Warehousing starting point is an enterprise data model

Myth #4 – You need both an Operational Data Store and a Data Warehouse to cover the entire spectrum of business reporting

Myth #5 – Data Warehousing requires an engineering approach

Myth #6 – Data Warehousing fails due to problems with transaction-processing systems

Myth #7 – We can’t predict what questions will be asked from a data warehouse

Myth #8 – Data Warehousing improves decision-making

Myth #9 – Data Warehousing empowers front-line and business staff to do their own analysis

Myth #10 – Data Warehousing reduces overall cost of reporting on business performance and opportunities

I’m sure that this will come as a sacrilege to those who have spent a career building their knowledge and practice of data warehousing. I’ve examined this topic in a lot more detail at A Myth Buster Anthology of Data Warehousing.

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