7 Tips for Creating a Training Program for an IT Project

Planning and executing a scalable end-user training strategy is a key element to software deployment planning and, ultimately, to the success of an IT project. Without an effective training plan, the end-users will most likely need to rely heavily on the project support team. This can be costly to your project with increase in the need for support resources, as well as a possible decrease in actual support for your project delivery.

Here are some tips to consider when developing a training strategy:

1.       Don’t Make Assumptions about the technical skill level of the software end-users, especially when you’re rolling out software to an entire organization. Remember the adage, “When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.” Since the technical skill level of the end-users can vary greatly, it is important that the training instructions are useful for technical novices, as well as experts. Create the instructions for the lowest technical-level end-user first and then you can create a summary set of instructions for the more advanced users. I find it helpful to think of my parents as the end-users when I write training instructions for the basic level. This helps me to remember to be extremely specific in my instructions. For example, when I help my mother navigate a website that is new to her, I coach her through every click of the mouse.

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