My EVO is Corrupting My Outlook Data on my PC

I bought my EVO June 4 and synced it with my Outlook and it appeared to work just fine.  However, after a week or two (not sure at this point) the phone started overwriting my PC Outlook contacts with truncated data.  The EVO then began to NOT recognized the sync software on my PC and asked me to install it.  I uninstalled then reinstalled the sync software.  My phone still did not recognize the software on my PC.  Took it to the Sprint repair store and they did not have a clue what to do.  I came home and plugged the EVO in to charge and behold it started syncing.  It started adding duplicates to my Outlook contacts, 896 of them!!!  I stopped the sync once I noticed and was able to delete the duplicates using advanced find to search on the "modified" date.

I had to take the EVO back to Sprint for a hard reset to get rid of all the duplicate contacts and start over.  The EVO is syncing now, however, it is truncating all the notes data in the contacts.  Was on the phone with HTC for one hour and they have no clue what to do and said maybe a fix would be out soon.

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