Job Tips and Job News – Why You Need to Check Employment Applicants’ Backgrounds Thoroughly Before Taking Them On

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It is nowadays considered standard practice to check employment applicant’s backgrounds, before taking them on board; or even before proceeding any further with the recruitment process. Things that are checked here include the likes of applicants’ criminal records, the applicants’ working histories, and the applicants’ financial histories, before taking them on board.

In the earlier years, when this practice began, people always knew why it was being done (in a situation where knowing why you are doing something is likely to help you do it better).

But as the years went on, and the practice became more and more of a standard practice (with the people who initiated it gradually leaving the hiring scene), we started seeing a trend where more and more people involved in hiring don’t actually know why they do it. This, almost inevitably, would lead to a situation where important things were overlooked, or where the whole background checking thing was haphazardly done; being as it came to be seen, ‘just a formality.’

It is from such a background then, that it becomes necessary to remind ourselves why we actually need to check employment applicants backgrounds keenly; so that we can be motivated to do the checking more thoroughly.

One, and (perhaps the most obvious reason as to why) you need to check employment applicants’ backgrounds before taking them on board is to avoid ending up with people who have criminal tendencies on your staff. It is worth keeping in mind that most workplace crimes tend to turn out to be ‘inside jobs’ – carried out by, or with help from, employees. Yet all it takes, sometimes, to avoid things like this is to conduct a simple criminal record check and avoid bringing on board people with dubious pasts. You may be clement, of course, and decide to bring people with dubious pasts who have ‘reformed’ – but it helps to at least be aware of those pasts.

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