Job Tips and Job News – Is Your Resume Making it Easy For the Recruiter to Eliminate You From Consideration?

As an Executive Recruiter and Certified Professional Resume Writer / Executive Resume Writer, the majority of resumes that I review have serious flaws which often demonstrate poor communication skills, as well as the lack of attention to detail. In today’s highly competitive job market even a simple typo is enough to disqualify a candidate. A poorly worded sentence may give the HR Manager a momentary chuckle but since your resume is supposed to be an example of your best work, they are unlikely to forgive the mistake.

The ability to write well and communicate their value does not come easily to the majority of job seekers. Does this mean that the job seeker is unqualified and unable to do an outstanding job in the position? Absolutely not! A smart recruiter recognizes this and will often refer a potential candidate to a professional resume writer for assistance.

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