Posted: April 16, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Business Agility & the New Face of In-House IT

Business Agility & the New Face of In-House IT

What will midsized company IT groups look like after system admin jobs are outsourced to the cloud?

Since the bulk of in-house IT staffs are presently doing these jobs, it’s clear a big change is coming for midsized IT groups. Large companies can still leverage economies of scale in operating their own data centers, but midsized companies are finding it hard to match the lower operating costs and financial flexibility offered by cloud service and SaaS providers.

Analysts & Architects
It looks like midsized IT groups will become primarily business analysts embedded in business operating areas and enterprise architects designing and overseeing continuous development and enhancement of systems built from legacy, cloud, and SaaS components. IT’s mission will simply be: Use IT to help the company make money.

CIO magazine’s recent State of the CIO survey shows that staff cuts during the past two years hit small and midsized IT departments hardest and infrastructure upgrade projects are often being postponed.

Value Shift
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