What are the top IT jobs by salary?

What are the top IT jobs by salary?

According to the Robert Half Technology 2019 salary guide (a trusted resource with data for more than 75 positions in the IT field), here are the top IT jobs by salary for 2019, ranked by national median salary:

1. Big data engineer: $155,000

2. Mobile applications developer: $143,500

3. Information systems security manager: $139,000

4. Applications architect: $135,750

5. Data architect: $133,500

6. Database manager: $129,500

7. Data security analyst: $125,500

8. Software engineer: $124,500

9. Wireless network engineer: $122,000

10. Data scientist: $121,500

Some other hot IT hiring areas worth mentioning include DevOps and cloud. DevOps salaries remain competitive because employers are competing for people with experience in a relatively new specialty. That means with some project work, you can transition into a DevOps-oriented job from a more traditional role.