Data Storage: Big Data Analytics Is Just Starting to Reach Its Potential: 10 Reasons Why

Big data—and the demands that its collection, processing and security put on IT resources—is on about every IT decision maker’s mind right about now. The so-called Four V’s of Big Data—volume, variety, velocity and value—are holding true as defining terms for this relatively new IT phenomenon. The amount of data is growing faster than we know, the types of data formats continue to increase, the data is moving faster than ever before and the analysis of it is proving to be surprisingly valuable for businesses in categories many had never dreamed of. This slide show touches on 10 important trends in this sector, particularly with regard to the popular batch-processing system Apache Hadoop. Our main resource is RainStor CEO John Bantleman, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the management of software companies, joined RainStor as chairman in 2004, and became CEO in 2007. RainStor is a database designed to manage big data for large enterprises.

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