The 3 Biggest Problems You Have With Dallas IT Staffing, Recruiting and Dallas IT Consulting and How ProVisionTech Overcomes Them All

ProVisionTech was founded and is managed by a Dallas IT professional that has been in your shoes. Through his experience as an IT professional in need of talent for his project team and his experience in the IT Consulting/Staffing industry, Mike Hanes learned the following about most Dallas IT Consulting/Staffing firms:

They Don’t Know Anything About IT Departments And What We Need.

Too often we were getting candidates that had no business interviewing for an IT position. Because they didn’t know anything about how a real IT department operates, they’d send us candidates that seemed to fit a general profile. This wasn’t fair to us or to the candidates. At ProVisionTech, we’re a company founded and run by IT professionals. We’ve been there, done that.

No Filtering Process Specifically Developed For IT.

Specific projects require specific skill sets. Unfortunately, since many firms don’t know a thing about IT, they don’t know what those skill sets really are or why they’re important. They simply don’t get the fact that just because a few key words match up in their computer, it may not be a good fit. At ProVisionTech, we’ve developed a comprehensive pre-screening process specifically designed for the IT professional.

Wasting Your Time with Unproductive Interviews.

Whether you’re a project lead, department head, or a candidate, nothing is more frustrating that spending time on an interview that isn’t a good fit. Simply because a recruiting firm’s computer software makes a match, doesn’t mean it’s worth your time, energy and expense. Because of our knowledge of the industry and our pre-screening process, you’re interviews will be well worth your time.

If you need to fill a qualified professional IT Position or if you’re an IT Professional looking to upgrade, doesn’t it just make sense to work with a company that actually has the background and expert knowledge of the Dallas IT Staffing/Consulting Industry?

When you work with us, you’ll find the right person or position faster, easier and with fewer headaches than you ever imagined. We Guarantee it!

“Mike has what has become a rare trait amongst Recruiters – integrity and dedication to a job well done. His personal touch with both the client and the consultant sets him head and shoulders above the rest. I would recommend him and his company, ProVision Technical Resources Group, to anyone.
When it comes to IT, Mike is definitely one of the best!”