14 ways to advance your IT career

Technology careers may have no set paths, but there are a few time-honored truisms that can help you get an edge. Here, seasoned IT pros lend their hard-earned advice on advancing.

Perhaps your tech career feels like you’re treading water, and you wonder why your peers are progressing more quickly than you are. Or maybe you’re looking to shake things up and take the next step in your career. Regardless, it’s helpful to regularly pause, reflect, take the long view to optimizing your path, and stay open to new opportunities.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, tech leaders say there are ways to keep moving forward that aren’t always obvious. 

As with the technology industry, change is constant for IT pros. Here accomplished leaders offer their best tips on how to advance in your IT career so you don’t get left behind.

Jump in the deep end
Find a mentor
Treat your career like a project
Keep learning
Execute as well as you plan
Get feedback from colleagues
Take the road less traveled
Be open to opportunity
Make a call, then revisit
Take a step back
Keep it simple
Keep thinking big
Bring value
Employ empathy

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